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Root is a small town in Montgomery County that was supposedly formed out of the town of Charleston, New York in 1823. It has since remained a rural community with a small population. If you have recieved some form of traffic citation - whether a New York speeding ticket or other - and are interested in hiring an experienced attorney to represent you, please call our office or request a free consultation by completing the "Get Started Now" form here on our website. Many people worry about the negative consequences a traffic ticket will have on their driving record, points, and insurance prices. Some may even have to worry about driving privileges and keeping their job. If you hire Mr. Kehoe, many of these worries will disappear as you will know that a veteran attorney is representing you and applying methods of resolving tickets that have been devleoped over years of handling traffic tickets since 1990. Call or request a free consultation today. There is no obligation to hire. While Mr. Kehoe's fees are flat and quoted before we agree to take your case, court fines may vary according to the charge, speed, and other factors.

If you are interested in seeing what success we have had with clients in the past - including the fines and surcharges they paid - please see our website at NY Speeding Ticket Fines.

For attorneys interested in of counsel in Root Town Court or local counsel Montgomery County NY, please call our office to speak with Mr. Kehoe.

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